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Tooth Extraction In Rewa

Painless And Easy

Tooth extraction is the process of removing a damaged, decayed, or impacted tooth from its socket. This procedure is performed by a dental professional and is typically done under local anesthesia or sedation to minimize discomfort and ensure a smooth and successful extraction.

Say goodbye to pain and fear

Tooth extraction is often associated with pain and fear, but it is actually a painless and stress-free process. At Royale Dental Clinic, we provide excellent service for tooth extraction. Our experienced dentists will not suggest extraction unless all other treatments have been explored, and restoration or saving of the tooth is not feasible.

What are the cases that need a tooth extraction ?

Permanent teeth are meant to last your whole lifetime, but at certain times tooth extraction would be necessary. Here are some of the reasons why your teeth must be pulled out:

Tooth decay, damage, or trauma
Crowded mouth

In some cases, teeth may need to be extracted to help with orthodontic treatments. This is done when there isn’t enough space in the jaw to fit all of your teeth. By pulling some teeth, there is room to move the remaining teeth and properly align them. In other situations, teeth may need to be extracted if they can’t break through the gum due to a lack of space in the mouth.


If tooth decay or damage reaches the central part of the tooth, infection may occur. A root canal treatment is the first recommended dental procedure for such cases. However, if the infection has spread too far and antibiotics or a root canal cannot save the tooth, extraction is the best option to save your other teeth. At Royale Dental Clinic, our dental experts will assess your condition and provide the best course of treatment for your needs

Infection risk

Sometimes, people with weakened immune systems due to medical procedures such as chemotherapy or organ transplant are at risk of infection from a problematic tooth. To avoid this danger, extraction is necessary to prevent any potential infections that could cause further harm.

Periodontal disease

Periodontitis is a disease that infects the tissues and bones that support the teeth. When the bones can no longer support a certain tooth or teeth, extraction may be recommended by your dentist.

Impacted tooth

Wisdom teeth can sometimes cause pain and infection if they are impacted or stuck under the gums. In such cases, removing them is necessary to relieve discomfort and prevent further complications.

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